About us

Years back, wearing a wig was something we never talked about, now it has become a trend. Women and celebrities of all nationalities are wearing wigs. Women wear wigs to change their looks and save time and money to travel to the hair stylist every so often.

Our wigs are excellent quality and affordable.  With our varieties of length, colour, and texture, we cater for all. We also give our clients the option to customise their own wigs.

AWL is a brand that specializes in beauty and Custom made wigs.

AWL beauty wigs are made from unprocessed and 100% natural human hair carefully selected to suit your needs. Our wigs are quality, tangle free, soft and manageable. It can be washed and flat ironed just like any other human hair.

The caps we use for the wigs are soft material. To ensure comfort and perfect fit, we have fitted the wigs with elastic tapes.

We believe in investing in good quality wigs and saving you money in the long run. No more popping into the hair salon every week, when you can be changing your looks within minutes with our wigs.

We are located in the UK and online based; our staffs are skilled and very talented so you can rest assured that you will be receiving an excellent Service.

Our clients are our focus and our priority; we take our time to listen to every client’s needs and requirements and work with them accordingly.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We want to see our customers satisfied with the service we provide.


We provide free aftercare service for our clients who need extra help to install and care for their wigs. We are always here to help.

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